Starting from the Same Place: Artist Collaboratio

Hi, everyone!  My poor bloggy has been so neglected lately! I have been increasing my presence on YouTube so much that this little guy has taken the back seat. Sad.  ;)  Well, today is a different story!  A month or so ago I joined about sixty other ladies in creating a mixed media piece using the same set of materials sent to each of us.  I was excited to see what the materials would be and how each of the sixty artists would use them!

So, to be completely honest I really struggled with finding inspiration using these items BUT I love a good challenge and went at it!

Sponsors for this collaboration were:  
Beacon Adhesives
Amazing Casting Products
StencilGirl Products

I used my much loved Fun Stampers Journey acrylic paints to add color to my piece in: Cool Pool, River Stone and Buttercream.

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to check out all the other amazing pieces in this artist collaboration by going HERE.

Janice :)


Moongirl said…
Love how it turned out! The fanned fabric is super creative. Love the electrical flower petals and the resistor butterfly body.
kristie said…
Very soft and pretty! I love how you incorthevpieces together
Sarah Lynch said…
I'm loving these pretty colors, the butterflies and the fan. So delicate
Suz said…
Simple yet beautiful!
Jacqui said…
Backing your butterfly and fanning the fabric pieces,l love these ideas. Your work is beautiful!
Such a gorgeous representation of flight and freedom...Love it! :)
Maria McGuire said…
Your canvas is so pretty! I love the color palette! Thanks so much for incorporating my stencil design into it!
Maxine D said…
Wow Janice this is stunning - love the butterfly "body" and all the texture you have included in this fabulous piece.
michelle hodges said…
Very fun and creative!
Sanna Lippert said…
Very pretty! Glad to have been able to create together with you in this collab 😊
Tina said…
Cannot even tell you struggled! Your project is beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to play along! :)
Krisy Podolak said…
I love the fanned fabric. What an awesome idea

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