Pan Pastels, Modeling Paste and Stencils!

Hi, there!  Today I want to showcase a card I made using our Fun Stampers Journey Pan Pastels, modeling paste and stencils! Check it out!
Isn't she a beauty?  I love how easy this card was to make, yet, it looks like it took a lot of skill to create!  It didn't!  Lol!  

Check out this video showing how I used those three products to create this and a few other cards.

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Julie Robinson said…
Wow, Janice! Great video..... all of the backgrounds are just gorgeous! Questions - when you use them on top of the dried modeling paste, do you have to use a fixative, or do they 'stay put'?
Maxine D said…
Stunning card Janice - thanks for the video. One tip, when I am stenciling with paste I keep a bucket/bowl of water handy and drop the stencil straight into it, and then I have time on my side when it comes to cleaning it, and I can continue with the project for a while.
JaniceAileen said…
@Julie Robinson Thanks, Julie! :) So, I did a test with it various ways for smudging off. If you rub with firm pressure with your fingers, there will be some that comes off. And I mean just a faint hue on your fingers. I then put it up against some copy paper and it didnt smear at all. Finally, I put white copy paper over it and rubbed firmly against it. A faint outline of some of the stencil design came up. That was with me rubbing firmly against it. All that to say, I don't see a need to spray fixative over it when I use the paste. But, someone else might!
JaniceAileen said…
@Maxine D Thanks, Maxine! I considered a bowl of water but then looking at my desk decided a wet rag would be best! My desk is a big MESS! And i could just see myself knocking it over and water going everywhere! LOL!!! Thanks for taking time to comment, I really appreciate it! :)

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