Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweet Little Pillow

Today I made this sweet little pillow to go along with my Valentine's Day decor.  It is one of three that I plan on making, getting my inspiration from Pinterest of course!

I wanted to keep it sweet and simple and not overtly Valentine's Day themed.   Here are most of the supplies I used to make it:

Apart from the burlap that I used to create the pillow itself and the linen fabric, I used all Fun Stamper's Journey products.

1. Die cut the linen fabric using the largest heart from the Heart-Felt die set.
2. Stamp the Script stamp in Black Licorice onto the die cut linen heart.  I stamped once in the center and then once on each side to cover the entire heart with the script.

3.To heat set the ink, I placed my heart in the dryer!  I have a dryer that has a rack I can lay things on to dry without tumbling.  Kinda handy!  :)  You can use a hair dryer or a heat embossing tool if you have one of those to set the ink also.  
4. Now you can add no-fray to the edges of the linen heart OR nothing at all if you want a frayed edge like mine. 
5. Simply hand-stitch the heart to the pillow and you're done!


Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you want to order any of the products listed, just let me know!  You can visit and order online yourself or just shoot me an email!  :)  

Have a blessed day!

Janice :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Love Banner

Hi, everyone!  Today I want to show you my Valentine's banner for this year.

It is super simple but I love it!  :)  To create it I went through my fabric stash and pulled out some red/ivory toile and gray/ivory polka dot fabric.  I also used some backed burlap I bought at Michael's for another project as well as some of my Cranberry Bliss cardstock from Fun Stampers Journey.

These beautiful banner cut outs were die cut using my "Banner Parade" dies and my Journey Grand machine.  :)  Our dies cut through card stock, fabric, and burlap just beautifully! :)  If you are looking for a great banner die, just let me know!  This set comes with 9 different sized banner dies, sells for $29.99 and you can buy it through me!  :)

That adorable heart came from our Heart-Felt die set.  It is a super cute set that has 7 heart dies and it sells for $24.99.

So, I've also kind of fallen in love with my pom pom maker.  As you can probably tell by my banner and the pom poms I added to my mantle decor.

Well, a few CHA's ago, I came across the Clover booth and I saw these awesome pom pom makers!
Photo credit:

I just love them so I added a few to my banner as well as attached some to a bit of floral wire and made little pom pom flowers with them!

I just added some double sided tape to the wire and criss-crossed the ties down the sides.

You can purchase these pompom makers at any of you local craft shops or on Amazon HERE.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you've enjoyed seeing my banner and my pom pom flowers!

Let me know if you are interested in any of my Fun Stampers Journey products or if you're interested in becoming a Journey Coach yourself!!

Janice :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

EasyTreat Bag Video Tutorial

Hi, everyone!  Today I have a video tutorial for this adorable treat bag I created for Richard Garay's, Make, Live, Share challenge.

Come check it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by and we'll see you next time!

Janice :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thermomorph - A Review

Hi, everyone!  A while back I was asked to do a review by Rizzi at Thermomorph.  I've been so busy that I am just not getting to it but better late than never, right? ;)

So, here is what I know: 

Product Name: Thermomorph
RRP: $19.95
Size: 500 grams
Material: Polymorph granules

Basically, it is this really neat moldable plastic that can be use for all sorts of things and is reusable.  I followed the directions on the back of the container to create a few decorative embellishments.

Here is what you will need:

Step 1: Boil a kettle of water and pour into a suitable container.  Allow to cool to around 60 degrees Celsius to avoid any scalding.  **I did not have a thermometer so I just boiled water in my Keurig and used that! 

Step 2: Pour Thermomorph pellets into hot water.

Step 3: Wait approximately 2 mins, until all the Thermomorph pellets have gone clear and formed a clump.  When this happens you know your ThermoMorph is ready.  You can see in the picture below the pellets turning clear.

Step 4: Carefully remove your ThermoMorph with tongs and wait until it is cool enough to mold without scalding.  I used a pair of rubber gloves but I do not recommend them!  They stuck to the ThermoMorph and it was a bit frustrating.  You can also see that my all my pellets did not turn clear which I can only imagine was because my water was not hot enough.  Remember I did not have a thermometer to measure the water temp.

Step 5: Mold your ThermoMorph using your hands or tools if necessary!  I felt once I took the ThermoMorph out of the heated water that I was on a ticking clock.  As soon as it hits cool air it takes seconds for it to harden, so I had to work fast.

Step 6:  Allow your ThermoMorph to cool to room temperature where it will set as a hard plastic again. **I found mine to dry super fast but that might have been, again, due to not having had submerged it in the right temperature water.

Notice in the picture below that I let the plastic spill over the edge of the mold a bit.  My thought was that I could simply trim it once dry.  Wrong!  This stuff dries SUPER hard and my most sturdy scissors had a hard time cutting cleanly along the pieces I made. 

One great thing about this material is that it is reusable!  I made my first molds and couldn't trim them easily so I simply threw them back in the hot water to soften it and tried again.  The second time around I made sure to not have an of the plastic outside of the mold and my embellishments turned out GREAT!

All in all it is some pretty cool stuff!  As as crafter, it was fun to play with and I look forward to using it again to create my own embellishments!

Here are the links to follow if you want to grab your a jar and play with it yourself!  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!  See you again soon!

Janice :)