Stitch Fix Review

Hi, everyone! Recently I tried a service called Stitch Fix.  Basically, it is like a personal clothes shopping service.  You sign up on their website, give details about your style preferences and size, pay a $20 fee, and then schedule your "fix" (your box of 5 items).  Once you receive your box, you can buy the items you like and mail back the items you don't (they include a pre-paid mail bag you can simply place you items in it and toss it in the mail to return).  

Now, the $20 you paid up front goes towards anything you decide to keep but if you don't like anything, they keep it.  The best deal is if you like ALL five items, you get a 25% discount on your total.  

Alright, so here are the items I received.  I tried to take pics of myself wearing each item but that just didn't work out! These are pics of the styling cards that I received in my box for ideas on how to style my pieces.  I circled the item I received and wrote its cost.
I live in cardigans at work (sometimes it is quite cold even in the warmer months because of the AC) and this one was light and fit super cute, plus I don't have one in that color.

I thought this dress was super cute right away but was concerned it would look unflattering on me because of its "true" waistline.  When I tried it on though, I loved it! I was concerned about the length but I think I can pull it off without it looking inappropriate.

I ADORED this top from the moment I saw it.  I am super into native american/tribal patterns so this shirt with its fun pattern and bold colors was perfect.  Now, the fit, that is another question.  I am not totally sure how I can make this look good on my body but I will just have to play around with it somehow.  

This top was another slam dunk by my stylis Erica!  Again, it has that tribal kinda pattern and I love the navy and orange.  It fits great and I dig it.  :)

So, these were just your basic cropped pants but they fit SUPER perfect and I was needed a pair of black crops so, it was a great choice for me.  :)

Alright, so there you have it.  My main question is, IS IT WORTH IT?  My answer: if you can afford it!  I've seen reviews where people get items the don't like at all or they only like one or two items and they don't get the 25%.  For me, I can't afford this all the time but I just LOVED the feeling of getting my box and wondering what my stylist picked out for me.  I am a bargain shopper so I wouldn't have paid those prices normally but with not having to get out of the house and my stylist picking things I really liked, it was worth it!

If you want to give it a go, CLICK HERE and I will get some sort of referral discount.  Yay!  Lol!

Alright, thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.  :)

Janice :)


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