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Hi, everyone!  A few months ago I was asked by Tina at Firmoo if I was interested in reviewing their glasses.  They would send me a free pair and I would write a review of their site and service--I was in!  
So, first you are invited to go to their website,  They have this super cool program where you upload a picture of yourself and you can "try out" all the frames they have to see if you like the look! That was SUPER helpful for me!  

Here are a few pics of the cute specs I decided on! 

Better view of the blue!  :)

Overall, my experience was fantastic!  It was super easy to upload a picture of myself and being at to "try on" the glasses online was just perfect.  I received the glasses in a really nice, sturdy case that came with a lens cleaning cloth. 

Now, really apart from the easy factor of trying glasses on virtually, the best part is that the frames are really affordable! If I'm remembering correctly, these frames sell for $29.99 or close to it.

So, there you have it!  Go check out this fun site!  WWW.FIRMOO.COM

Thanks for stopping by!
Janice :)


Maxine D said…
What a wonderful service - wish our frames were as cheap - they look good, firm frames.

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