Treat Box for my Students

Well, for all you teachers out there, you know that this is testing season.  Cue dramatic groans.  ;)  My fifth graders already took the reading STAAR test a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow they take the math STAAR (prayers appreciated for best efforts put forth and for all I've taught them to surface when they need it!). This is the one that is most pertinent to me since I teach fifth grade math, so how they do will be a reflection of my teaching abilities regardless of so many other factors.  My students have been so burnt out that I wanted to give them a little encouragement before the test tomorrow and a sweet treat to keep them awake during the long FOUR hours that they have to complete it.

Since I had to make 54 of these babies I kept the design pretty simple!

Don't ask me how many stars I stamped and cut.  Lol.


Celebrations:  green Silk Luster 
Memento: Paris Dusk ink

At this stage, I stamped the Super Star sentiment and splattered the silk luster.  Then, I added white liner tape to only two sections, as shown above.

Folded along the score lines, then removed the white liner tape backing.

I added the starts to the tops with different widths of foam tape then filled them with my students' favorite candy.  :)

I just know they are going to feel encouraged, hopefully boosting their moral to do their best!  

Wish us luck!  Send your prayers, cause we're hitting it hard tomorrow!  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Janice :)


Maxine D said…
Oh my goodness - four hours of testing!! Wonderful creations and I hope they are an encouragement to your pupils.

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