My First Time at Round Top, Tx

Ok, so if you know me you know I LOVE crafting.  Along with crafting, comes a HUGE love for junkin'!  Or "antiquing" or "flea marketing" or what ever you want to call it when you go to garage sales, estate sales, open flea markets or those antique (junk) shops where  you find something old and used but in your mind you see it for all its glorious possibilities after you get your crafty/DIY hands on it.  :)

If you are in the scene, then you know that the Mecca of such shops is located in and around a little bitty town in Texas called Round Top.  :)

I've been wanting to go for awhile now and this past weekend a girlfriend of mine and I got into her truck (we were expecting a possible huge hall and even considered getting a trailer just in case) and headed out!  We were SO excited and can I just say here at the beginning that it was AWESOME!!!!  We had SUCH a great time!!!!

Ok, so we researched a bit and asked around for the must go to places and even where to get good food.  One of the recommendations was to start at the open market shops in Warrenton first then work your way down.  We parked at the first available parking area (cost $5 per car) opposite the shops.  I would totally do it the same way the next time.  The people hosting our parking area had free bottled water and a porta potty on site, both of which we made good use of.  :)  

These shops in Warrenton were our favorites.  Lots and lots and lots for the eyes to see and SO many fun finds.  Had we known this would have been our favorite area we would have spent the entire day just there.  We ended up spending the majority of our time there anyway because it simply took us that long to make it through it all and I am CERTAIN we missed some shops simply because it was SUPER easy to get disoriented there.  Here is a pic of what the shops looked like, basically all open air and under tents.

We finished up with these shops after about four hours or so of walking through as much as we could and stopping for lunch for about 20 minutes.  Definitely bring cash with you for lunch but all the shops we bought something from took bank cards so if you don't normally carry cash with you, you'll be fine with a bank or credit card.  They also have ATMs scattered throughout so you can get cash if needed, too.

Kristyn and I ready to hit the shops!

A friend had recommend Royer's Pies but we had no idea where that was and by the time we were ready for lunch we just stopped at the nearest food tent and grabbed a sandwich.  It was pretty good but nothing to brag about. I do wish we would have found out where Royer's was but there's always next time!  :)

Here is an example of a unique find!  Lol!  I had Kristyn take a picture of me in this chair because, wow, it is quite a chair, is it not?  Come to find out a friend of mine posted a picture of a chair just like this on the cover of a home decor magazine!!!  Apparantly, these are on trend.  Lol!  I kind feel like my hair do should be tall and big to fill up the open space up there!  ;)

What did I come home with?  Well, not as much as I had hoped for (I was really hoping to find some night stands for our bedroom but didn't really find ones I just loved).  I DID find these ADORABLE milk jugs in their original crate that I FELL IN LOVE with and couldn't part with even though the price tag said $68!!!  (yikes!)  I usually look for a bargain but every now and then I find something that I don't think I can find anywhere else and that I just love, that I throw caution to the wind and I splurge.  :)  I was able to talk her into take $10 off because the crate has seen better days.   Look at my cute crate of milk jugs!!!

So cute!!!  I have so many ideas running around my head as to what I can put in these cute jugs to decorate my house with!  For now though, they will stay in their sweet crate and I will smile every time I see them.  :)

 I did not buy this gorgeous $3,000 table but man I wish I could have!!!  SWOON!!!  One thing about all these vendors, they WANT to make a sell and will more often than not tell you to make an offer.  Most prices are negotiable! :)

I did buy this adorable planter box.  I've been wanting one for my kitchen table and I couldn't pass it up.  :)

 I have this big empty space on one of my living room walls and my girlfriend and I had JUST discussed the possibility of hanging a ladder there.  She spotted this one and at $30 I couldn't pass it up either!  :)

 Isn't the color and all the wear and tear just lovely?  

Well, I only ended up getting those three things and at the end of the day I would have LOVED to go back through the shops at Warrenton because the other areas that we stopped at after Warrenton, including some shops in Round Top, were kinda not as impressive because they were considerably smaller.

And we didn't get to go to so many, so I just know we missed out but we simply did not have time!  We did not go to Marburger Farms because it cost $25 to go in and we just didn't want to chance it. From what I researched it seemed like it held more higher end items. If anyone has shopped there let me know if it is worth the price!  

Definitely get a map!  Our hotel clerk gave us one that had the names of the areas with shops in them and that was helpful for deciding where to stop after we left Warrenton.  I would have loved to have had a map of the Warrenton shops themselves just so we could make sure we didn't skip anything (it was that good!!!).  I don't know if they had one or not because we didn't research that but if you've been and you know they have some let me know!

Anyway, all in all we had a GREAT time and I am considering going next weekend again just because I felt like I missed some things and I would have liked to have taken more time looking through all the shops.  I would recommend making it at least a two day venture or even three if you make it an event, taking it slow.

If you've been let me know how you're experience was! I'm sure it was delightful!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!!
Janice :)


Maxine D said…
Sounds like a fun venture Janice :-)
Lagene said…
Is this a yearly event? Maybe I'll visit my son's family at just the right time & see you there next year!

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