Heart Box

Today I am joining the Scor-Pal team in their February "More than one Score" challenge, "Hearts a Flutter."  The short and sweet of it is to create a project with more than one score line, with a heart theme!  There are fun prizes to be had so make sure to join in on the fun!  Go HERE for more details.  :)

Looks like a store bought chocolate candy box doesn't it?  It's not!  A couple of heart die cuts and a few strips of scored and cut paper, along with some adhesive will give you this adorable box!  :)

1. Die cut two Fun Stampers Journey: Heart-Felt hearts (second largest in the set).
2. Cut a strip of cardstock to be 2" x 7" and another to be 2" x 8".
3. Using your Scor-Pal, score both strips length-wise at the 1 1/2" mark, as shown below.

5.Turn horizontally and score 1/2" in on both ends. (Note: the picture below was taken after I scored the ends 1/2" on both ends, and had placed it back into a vertical position.)

6. Fold on the score line and cut up the longer 1/2" score line to make a "fringe" as shown below.

7. Apply quick drying liquid adhesive to one side of one of your die cuts.

8. Adhere the 2 x 7 strip of cardstock, fringe side down along the curve of the heart.

9. Adhere 2 x 8" strip along the second side of the heart, using quick drying liquid adhesive.  Adhere the 1/2" tabs to inside of strip already adhered as shown below.

10. First section is complete!  Make sure to rub off any excess, dried glue!  :)

11. Create the bottom of the box the exact same way but with the width of the strips being 1/4" shorter.  Dimensions would be: 1 3/4" x 7" and 1 3/4" x 8".

12. To finish your basic heart, die cut two of the largest Heart-Felt heart dies and adhere them to base of each section of the box.

To create a "cleaner" finish, cut the third largest die from the Heart-Felt set and adhere inside each section to cover up the fringe.  

And we're done!  

Decorate as desired! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make this cute shaker embellishment I created!


Maxine D said…
Thanks for the tutorial for this fabulous box Janice.

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