Candy Hearts Shaker Card

Y'all I must be on a shaker card kick!  Lol!  Today I have a fun card that was inspired by a few projects I saw on Pinterest (of course!)

Aren't shaker cards fun?  :)  They are too hard to make either!

1.Stamp the jar image from Fun Stampers Journey's "Homemade" stamp set in the center of a piece of 3 3/4" x 5" piece of cardstock.

2.Stamp again on a similar size piece of acetate (I used a piece of plastic packaging I had in my stash).  Make sure to stamp with a steady hand and to heat set it so that it won't smear.

3.Using a craft knife, cut out the center of the jar.

4.Adhere stamped acetate to the back.

5. Ink up just the lid part of the jar stamp and stamp onto a piece of silver foil paper, then cut out.  You will need to heat set this piece as well, then adhere on top of cardstock lid.

6. Create a border using thick foam squares.  I trimmed mine to make them fit and then placed the candy heart pieces upside facing the acetate.

7.Place a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card base on top, being careful to line it up properly.  Using our Fun Stampers Journey Grid Paper made that super easy!  :)

FSJ products used:

Well, thanks for much for stopping by and as always any of the Fun Stampers Journey products used on this project can be purchased from me!  Just comment below of shoot me an email!

Have a wonderful day!
Janice :)


chlimaiden said…
This card seems so easy but difficult at the same time. Do you use a heat gun to set it? I'm new to all of this. ..and that bow, how is it so perfect? Do you think shrink dink plastic would work? Thank you. ..I really love this card!
JaniceAileen said…
You can do it! :) It really isn't too hard. :) I do use a heat gun. I use it for about a minute or so making sure not to put it too close to the plastic. Otherwise it might warp. I would use shrink wrap because once you try to beat set the ink the plastic would shrink and your hearts wouldn't be able to move around. Thank you for your sweet compliment on my bow! I plan on doing a video tutorial soon on how I make my Bows. :)s. :)
chlimaiden said…
Didn't you say something about the bow on fb? Will any kind of plastic work or do I need to get a special one at say Michaels or something? I think buying a shaker card set is a rip off. Thoughts???
Maxine D said…
Janice this is a simply stunning card!
JaniceAileen said…
I don't Remember mentioning it on FB but I'll be posting a video soon on how I make mine. :) I just used some old packaging I had. I actually keep a box in my craft room where I chunk packaging that Looks like has parts I can use for future projects. :). I always keep the ones that have flat sections of clear plastic. :). I'm not sure if Michaels has some but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Y ah, shaker cards are much more expensive, now you can make your own!! :)
PJ said…
super cute card. I will have to try this. I too, keep little packages that make for a great shaker card. Just not as talented as you are. I really like the jar idea with the candy hearts. ♥ I invite you to come check out my humble blog at :

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