Sweet Little Pillow

Today I made this sweet little pillow to go along with my Valentine's Day decor.  It is one of three that I plan on making, getting my inspiration from Pinterest of course!

I wanted to keep it sweet and simple and not overtly Valentine's Day themed.   Here are most of the supplies I used to make it:

Apart from the burlap that I used to create the pillow itself and the linen fabric, I used all Fun Stamper's Journey products.

1. Die cut the linen fabric using the largest heart from the Heart-Felt die set.
2. Stamp the Script stamp in Black Licorice onto the die cut linen heart.  I stamped once in the center and then once on each side to cover the entire heart with the script.

3.To heat set the ink, I placed my heart in the dryer!  I have a dryer that has a rack I can lay things on to dry without tumbling.  Kinda handy!  :)  You can use a hair dryer or a heat embossing tool if you have one of those to set the ink also.  
4. Now you can add no-fray to the edges of the linen heart OR nothing at all if you want a frayed edge like mine. 
5. Simply hand-stitch the heart to the pillow and you're done!


Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you want to order any of the products listed, just let me know!  You can visit www.funstampersjourney.com/janicewhiting and order online yourself or just shoot me an email!  :)  

Have a blessed day!

Janice :)


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