Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pinterest Perfect Fall Wreath

Like that title?  ;)  Well, I was in the mood to create a fall themed wreath so I got on Pinterest and looked up fall wreath ideas.  I found this one and was sold!

After I made my take on this wreath and decided to blog about it,  I followed the Pinterest link to the blog Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer (to give credit where credit is due!) and found that the designer actually posted a tutorial on how to make it!  Lol!  SO, no tutorial from me today, just follow the link and it will take you straight to Christy's post where she shows you how to make her wreath with easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful pictures!  :)

And here is how mine turned out, a wee bit different but beautiful nonetheless!  My color scheme is a bit more neutral and I also added some pheasant feathers. ;)

Thank so much for stopping by!  I'm including this post in the Sew Many Ways "Sew Darn Crafty" link for November projects.  :)

Have a blessed day!
Janice :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More book review Blog Hop

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to the Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More book review blog hop!  The author of this book is my good friend Linda Peterson and I couldn't be more happy to write a review for her, she is one SUPER talented lady!

Go grab her book, it's awesome!

We were asked write about a project that inspires us but I found it REALLY hard to just pick one! 

 One project that I found just so super cool was this super fun and funky "Loop de Loop" ring!

Do you wanna know what the black loops are made of?  Bicycle inner tube!!!!  Isn't that wild?!  Actually, many of the projects featured in the book are made using bicycle inner tubing and you would never know it!  I just love the simplicity of the materials used and the quick and easy way you can make a statement piece of jewelry for a fun occasion.

Ok, so I told you I couldn't pick just one so I show you a couple of peeks into two other fabulous projects found in this book.

Cell Phone Pouch with a decorative embellishment using soda can tabs as the base (SO fun!).

 Midnight Black Handbag!!!!  Y'all. This one is beyond cool.  Betcha can't guess how this bag was made?!?!?!

TRASH BAGS!!!!!  I don't know. I am just in love with this one.  Need a water proof, worry proof bag to take on the road or better yet, to use as a diaper bag (yes!), that costs next to nothing???  And it's cute, to boot! I want to make one.  Like yesterday!  Lol!

Final thoughts:  This is really a super fun and creative book full of fun projects that crafters of all skill levels would enjoy.  If you love the book, you might also want to check out Linda's Youtube playlist for Upcycled Jewelry: .  She has some great how-to videos on some of the skills and techniques used in her book as well as other craft videos that feature projects of all kinds, I highly recommend subscribing to her YouTube channel.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Janice :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Card / Napkin Holder

Hi, everyone!  Happy Fall!  Here in Texas it JUST today got chilly, I'm loving the change in seasons! And, goodness, teaching school and consistent blog posts are hard for me!  Nevertheless, I have a super cute and SUPER SIMPLE (!) place card that can also be used as a napkin ring of sorts to show you!  This month's theme is Family/Thanksgiving over at Scor-Pal's monthly "More than One Score Challenge".  Make sure to go and check out our challenge and participate for a change to win some fabulous Scor-pal prizes!


1.Cut a rectangle to 3 1/2" x 5" and using your Scor-pal, score at every 1 1/2".  You will be able to score at every 1 1/2" three times leaving you with a small half inch section to act as the flap that pulls it all together.

2. Fold on the score lines and put a strip of Scor-tape on the 1/2" flap.

3. Remove the backing to the strip of Scor-tape and adhere to the inside of of first section as shown below.

4. You're done!  Embellish as desired!  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to join in on the fun!

Love and blessings, 
Janice  :)