Ruffles are in!

Hey, there!  A quick post showing the baby shower cake I made yesterday.  

And all I can say is that ruffles are super trendy right now!  This customer wanted and all white cake with ruffles on it and that's what she got.  ;)  The cake was covered in fondant and then decorated with fondant ruffles and fondant bow.  

I keep tossing around the idea of doing some short tutorial videos on some cake decorating techniques but that will most definitely have to wait until school is out!  LOL!

That's it for today!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Janice :)


Maxine D said…
Janice this is such a beautiful cake - congratulations on getting it so perfect!
Mrs B said…
Hi Janice. What a beautiful cake, your ruffles are perfect. Take care.
Mary Director said…
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I cake decorated for years, but never did any fondant covered cakes. Enjoying your blog and all the great variety of projects and ideas.

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