CHA Megashow 2014 (part 2)

Hey, everyone!  Ok, so I've had a few days to recover a bit and finally have the energy to post the other pics from my fabulous CHA trip.  :)

I have to start with our (Spellbinders) Award Winning Tool 'N One!!!  If you are into die cutting AT ALL, you will want this tool.  Basically, it is a gem at getting all the little pieces that often times stick to the die and you end up spending tons of time trying to poke them all out one by one or by slapping the die on the table or whatnot!  Lol!  Check out this video that tells you all about it. You are going to want one (or two), I promise!
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 DCWV  had an elegant setup with framed pieces of art around there booth.  My favorite was this one of Birch trees and yellows leaves all made out of their fab papers.

 A cute paper line form Webster's Pages.  Love that they are expanding their paper lines to different styles than their norm.  This one is called Our Travels.

 My most favorite ink: Imagine Crafts!  Here John was showing us all about their new products.

New easy to grip containers for Stazon.

As we were walking around I spot this dress and right away noticed this dress!  It is a project runway dress completely made out of duck tape!  It was so cool to see it in person!

A few cool projects made out of duck tape.

This mask was so cool! I loved the sparkly duck tape it was make out of!

These next two are items I am surprised haven't come out any sooner! They are super cool!

You can make chevrons with this tape with no hassles of having to make a grid or project the lines on the wall or anything!  Very cool.

 This was just too cool!  These ladies were taping a live show for the UK crafting show called Create and Craft.  I was so neat to see the show "live"!

Chalkboard paint is still on trend. I'm pretty sure this was the Clear Bags booth.

Quilling is making a reappearance to the crafting world.  These couple of pieces are just gorgeous!  I hate that I did not get the name of the company--sorry!  :(

Ok, paper fans, here are a few more cute paper lines.  Here is Love Notes by Crate Paper (love them!!!).

Boys Rule

 How cute!!!!  I "think" this is from the Adorn it booth but don't quote me on it as I failed to write it down and am going on the fact that I see an Adorn It catalog just behind this wall on the lower left hand corner!  Lol!

This was a beautiufl and trendy display by a company called Mon Ami Gabby.

Now this stuff is really cool!  It is REUSABLE molding material!  Apparently it can be used and melted down up to thirty-five times officially and more than that unofficially.  If you are in need of some molding material make sure to check them out at

The yarn companies always have super cute displays!

 Super cute Nautical line from Fancy Pants.

Be Different -Fancy Pants

As You Wish - Fancy Pants

A few more cool yarn displays.

This was just a super cool design made out of styrofoam!

Having a little fun at the Plaid booth.

 Who wouldn't love a blinged out Kitchen Aid mixer?  Lol!

Paper lines from Kaiser Kraft.

 Paper lines from Basic Grey.

The Modern Surrealist Marisa Pawelko sporting quite an outfit!  Lol!  She was a super great sport and let me take her picture!

Tim Holtz!  (I heard he loved our Spellbinders booth!)  :)

Another cool yarn creation!  "I want gum gum, dum dum."  Name that movie.  ;)

Well, I know there was more to see and to show all of you but I simply did not have the time or energy!  LOL!  Hopefully you've enjoyed getting a glimpse of all the fun new crafts products and designs that CHA had to offer!

Until next time!
Janice :)


Regina Hamilton said…
Thanks for sharing all those CHA pics. The movie is "Night at the Museum"
Seth said…
Awesome overview. I feel like I was walking the floor again!!
Lagene said…
Thanks for "taking us there"!

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