CHA Mega Show 2014!

Ok, so Day 1&2 of CHA has come and gone and I've got to be honest with ya, and I promise I am not being biased, I was pretty underwhelmed with most of what I saw with ONE huge exception: SPELLBINDERS.  Seriously, our booth was by far the best booth out there and our new Tool n One was  a top twenty winner!  Sweet!

There were a few other cool things so I will post of few pics of them, but mostly, you really just need to see the Spellbinders booth and new products.  Let's get started!

The Craft Room

This was the room I lead out on.  All was Richard Garay's vision, I (along with the other in our crew) just put it into paper, paint and fabric!

Part of the banner up close.  The green pennant was made using one of our 3D embossing folders, Roman Romance.  The pennant with the print on it was actually created by stenciling over a template I made using our Butterfly Magic expandable pattern die!

Some up close shots of the projects that were showcased in the craft room.

Our fearless leader Stacey Caron.  Look at those shoes!!!

 Prepping for the days demos.

Seriously blessed to have been chosen back in August to join this special lady's design team.  I am super blessed!

Spellbinder's CHA booth crew with Stacey.

Here with our other fearless leader, Richard Garay.

Mixed Media Room

Linda posing in her room before everything was setup.  :)

Gotta have a little fun.

Linda and I posing next to the little bezel birds I made for her mixed media room.

Up close shot of my bezel birdies.  :)

Almost the full view of the mixed media room.

Lots and lots of shots of the mixed media room.  :)

I REALLY enjoyed getting to know these ladies!

The super fun shelves Linda made using old frames.

Ken Oliver demoing on the mixed media side.

Super cool piece using our butterfly blanks in DIY colored mason jars!

Krista demoing the Tool 'n One.

The Gathering Place

Pictures of the "Gathering Place", aka Stacey's Manhattan apartment room.

I made it into the Spellbinder's catalog, page 32!!!  It was totally unexpected and such a fun surprise.

Umm...I'm in a Spellbinders the Spellbinders CHA booth...for all to see.  So, so, so cool!  :)

The amazing Gilded Life room!

Shae and Debbie from A Gilded Life.

 Ok, there you have it! Aren't you just amazed and super inspired?!?!  It was such a blast to put this all together!

I'm putting in a late night getting this post up so I'm going to two part it and will post some pics of some of the other companies and cool things we saw, tomorrow.

Until next time!
Janice :)



Maxine D said…
Oh Janice this must be so amazing, and inspiring!
Marielle said…
OMG Janice !!! Thank you so much for posting these amazing photos ( I even saw a few of my pieces !! ) ,Glad you had such a great time,you are an inspiration !! Miss you xox
Jennie said…
Wow Janice, the Spellbinders booth was stunning!! LOVE the close ups and fun group pics. So happy for you designing for Spellbinders :)
Lagene said…
Stunning booth, looks like a blast!
Seth said…
What a great review of an amazing booth. So happy to have been able to see you there Janice. Your work in and contribution to the booth was spectacular!!

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