Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dining Room Table and Chairs

Y'all, I finished! Yahoo! Yippee!  Praise da Lord!  I know a lot of y'all have been waiting for the final reveal so instead of bombarding facebook land, I'm gonna post the before and after pics here.  :)  So, here goes!  I never got a pic of the table with the chairs together (since the chairs lived in my garage up until a week ago!) but I did take before pics of them separately.

Here is my lovely $25 Craigslist find in all her before redo glory:
This is her with all three lovely leaves on.  The after pics only show the main table as I've yet to refinish the leaves (all in good time, right?).  :)

And the chairs before:

Alright, are you ready????  Here is the AFTER shot (!!!!), tada:

Table: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "French Linen"Chairs: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old White"

Well, whaddya think?  ;) I need to get some place mats (or just make 'em right?)  ;), and I have plans for a fun doily table runner that I saw on Pinterest but here she is, as is with just a simple centerpiece for styling.  I couldn't find a fabric pattern that I liked so I went with what I figured I'd end up with since I like it so much, burlap.  :)

Something else I want to do is to bring in a bit of a pattern in the form of sashes!  I'd make them about 3-4" wide and basically tie them in big, pretty bows on the backs of the chairs near the seat cushions.  I love the idea of making several different sashes for the different seasons or holidays or whatever!  I'm excited about this.  :)  Yes, I am.  :)

Alright, if you're anything like me, you want to see the details, so here are a few detail shots: 

Table leg

Since, this was my first big distressing project, and it was my dining room table, I went with a light distressed look.  (I plan on writing a whole other post on the "how to's" of chalk painting, waxing and distressing" so I won't go into any detail of the process in this post.)

Now, this pic shows a close-up of the wax finish on my table with some light shining on it.  The one thing that I "didn't" like about this project was the uneven-ness of my wax job.  I'm not super thrilled about it BUT I'm ok with it.  I've learned a lot about working with chalk paint and wax through this project and I think I can improve on my next one.  :)  From what I've researched too, there is not too much info out there on achieving a perfectly even wax job.  On the contrary, I've read/heard more about  how the unevenness achieved from the wax is almost just "part of the look."  I don't buy it, but I could be wrong.  I'm going to figure it out one way or another though!  :)

 Now, I leave you with a pic of my cutie pie, darling baby girl.  Partly because she is adorable and I love showing her off to the world, and partly because it gives you a little peek of my new buffet!!!!  Yep, it's gorgeous.  I. Love. It.  No, I didn't refinish it.  Bought it that way from one of my favorite junk stores here in town, Junque in the Trunk.  Oooh, its a beauty folks.  Ok, I'll stop now.  :)

 Thanks so much for stopping by!  Lots more to show as I get things done so stay tuned!  :)

Blessings, Janice :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Up to my eyeballs...

Well, I've been up to my eyeballs in projects lately that my poor bloggy has been neglected! :(  If you know me, then you know I dabble in just about every kind of creative outlet there is out there.  I've made a few jewelry pieces, a couple of fab cakes, refinished a couple of pieces of furniture, sewed a tutu, crocheted a couple of infinity wraps (cowls) and a shawl, painted a few walls in my living room (which  I'll be repainting soon :( ), created a piece of wall art and made a few cards.  PHEW!  Honestly, that isn't even the end of the projects I've been working on these past few months! 

 We recently moved into a new house and getting it set up has proven to be a VERY time consuming and lengthy process.  I'm no where near close to being done but help is coming. Praise God!  I've hired a friend to help me organize and put things in there place!  Soon and very soon I will be able to get back to posting my fun creations here and maybe even create a card or two!  Ha!

Until then, here are a couple of pics of two cards that I made for a pub call that didn't make the cut.  :)  

I used The Craft's Meow "Golden Days" stamp set for this card and October Afternoon paper.

This one uses The Craft's Meow "Thanks Bee to Thee" stamp set (one of my faves!) and some yummy hexagon Spellbinders dies.  :)

Well, stay tuned to the litany of posts that will be coming soon!  I have lots of projects to show!!!

Janice :)