Chair Sashes

Hi, there!  I finally made the chair sashes (at least that is what I'm calling them!) that I intended to make way back in February when I first refinished my  $25 Craigslist table and chairs that I got for next to nothing from a friend who was trying to get rid of them.  If you missed that original post you can go HERE to check it out.  I also wrote up a post on the in's and out's of working with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and wax HERE.  :)

I'll go ahead and post the "before sashes" pic.
I had just refinished the table and chairs in Annie Sloan Chalk Pain and recovered the chair cushions in burlap.  I had mentioned that I thought some sashes around the chairs would just give this table a bit more personality and I finally got around to doing it!  

Ready for it...
Taa daa!!! Lighting wasn't the best in this pic but you can see how the sashes "dress up" the table nicely!  :)

(Sorry for the funky, greenish hue!  Not so bueno lighting this morning!)

I think I sat on this project for awhile because I wasn't sure what kind of fabric to use.  It finally hit me the other day that a black and white toile would be just perfect for the look I was going for.  :)

I used some white thread to cinch the bow and front strap (?) together so that there wasn't a big space between the two.

This took me very little time (knocked it out in a couple of hours last night!) and I love how it turned out!  I'm excited about these sashes because I can make more and switch them out according to holidays or just what ever style I want to achieve at the time.  I think they're a relatively inexpensive way to add a little "fun" to your dining room table chairs!

Well, that's all I have for you today!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Janice :)


Wow!!! Looks soo elegant and gentle!

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