A couple (semi)recent crocheted creations

Well, I actually made these a few months ago but never got 'em on the blog! I enjoy all forms of creativity including crochet!  You can find crochet in just about anything nowadays, from the traditional crocheted afghan to crochet flowers, trims, garments, and more. 

Back in October/November, when I had a bit more time on my hands, I searched around and found this pattern for an infinity wrap or cowl, that looked cute and easy to make.
DJC: Snow Day Mobius Crochet Cowl

So, I bought some yarn and got busy! Here is how my first one turned out, I used your basic worsted weight yarn.

I loved the look and the warmth it provided!  It's kinda a great piece to wear on cool days that don't warrant a coat but could use a little something to keep you warm, too.  :)

I liked it so much and it was such an easy and quick project to do, I made another one!  This time around I used some super soft Bamboo Silk yarn and made it a bit longer so that I could wrap it around twice if I wanted to.  

This project was super easy and quick, not to mention nice and practical, yet totally trendy.  :)  Thanks so much for stopping by and checking 'em out!

Janice :)


MaxineD said…
It's ages since I have crocheted anything this big - they look fabulous Janice!!
Jennie said…
You have so many talents Janice!!!! Love these, the blue especially. You are a mulit-talented crafter, I just make cards.....so boring ;)
Janice! How many! How beautiful! I love the blue one most of all, but they all are great!
What lovely scarves, Janice! Thanks for sharing the pattern, I'm inspired to make one! We need all the warmth we can get here with our long winters!

Warm hugs!

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