Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling especially "wintery" today :)

Well, I think "wintery" needs to be a word.  I looked up the definition of "wintry", which is a word and the definition was more negative than what I was looking for.  I'm not really feeling bleak, ha!  I needed a word that brought up more positive, fun pictures!  Wintery seemed to fit the bill, you know, snow, snowflakes and all the fun that goes along with that (ignore all the negative that goes with that!)!

Anyway, I made these cute snowflake earrings for a contest Spellbinders was putting on and since they didn't make the cut, I decided to wear 'em!  :)  It is pretty cold outside today, at least cold for Texas anyway (should have worn my coat out this morning while running errands--brrr!) and I was wearing a kind of "wintery" feeling sweater so I switched out my cute silver butterfly earrings for these puppies!

These were made using Spellbinders Create a Flake 4 dies, Swarovski bicones and 34mm sheet metal from Michaels.

So, what do you think?  Cute? Or a little too cute?  I'm thinking, for today, they're just perfect.  :)

Here is my attempt at taking a picture of myself with them on, sorry for the blurry picture but apparently, I can't take very good picture of myself with my phone!  You get the wintery gist though, right?!

Thanks for stopping by and if you're like us here in Texas or farther north, stay warm!

Janice  :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spellbinders Grand Labels One Purse Greeting Card Gift Set and Needing some advice :)

Ok, so I've fallen in love with these greeting card sets!  This time around I used the Spellbinders Grand Labels One die to create my "purse" and for the cards inside it!  I just love how it turned out, too!

I love this color palette, too, don't you? 

I very loosely used this tutorial as a starting point but really, I changed pretty much everything dimension-wise.  I will have to come up with mine own tutorial for y'all to follow!  :)  The paper I chose to use is called "Everyday Moments" by Recollections from Michael's.  

Up-close shot of the front of the "purse."  I used Spellbinders die set "Parisian Accents"  and a Webster's Pages embellishment to create my latch.  Isn't is gorgeous??

Side view, allows you to see the beautiful shape of the bottom of the purse.

View as it's being opened.  It has a velcro dot to keep it closed.

A pocket in the back for postage!

View from the back with little pocket closed.

Pic of the cards inside and the matching lined envelope!

Ok, so what do y'all think? I am thinking about putting a few of these gift sets up on Etsy to sell.  How much should I charge?  I was thinking $25, you get 6 cards and matching/lined envelopes,  matching pen, and the "purse" to hold them all in.  What do y'all think?  Too much? Too little?


Janice :)