Casserole Carrier

Hi, everyone!  I am FINALLY getting back to my regularly scheduled posts!  Well, sort of.  ;)  I'll post an update on personal stuff soon HERE or you can click on my Personal Blog link at the top of this page.  :)

Sooooooo, with all the moving about my crafting has been put on the back burner with a few exceptions!  I really can't go very long without doing something crafty.  I saw this pattern at Joann's a few months back and I finally was able to get at it after borrowing a friend's sewing machine.  Thanks Genny!!!  :)
Isn't it beautiful?  :)  We do a lot of hosting so I couldn't help but take up the challenge to create such a cute casserole carrier!  It is made with InsulBrite (an insulated lining that is used inside pot holders and such) Now, I must admit my sewing skills are NOT what I want them to be so my finished product looks a wee bit shabby...but it is what it is and I at least got it done!  :)  Plus, those corners were tough!

They were having a sale on their fat quarters so I chose a medley of coral and reddish hues for my fabrics.  I will say that I read the pattern wrong and the fabric I wanted to show on the outside (the fun patterned one) had to be on the inside instead because I didn't have enough of it.  Boo.  BUT again, it's all good.  It's cute enough.  ;)

Here it is as it would look when holding a casserole.

Here with the handle flaps open, showing the utensil holder on one of the side flaps.

 And here all the way open with a 9x13inch casserole dish inside.

 So, there you have it!  I have one more sewing project in the works that I hope to get started on soon!  

Here is a sneak peek of the fabrics I will be using.  Fun times!

 Thanks so much for stopping by!



Super cute and great idea, Janice! I actually like it best with the pattern fabric on the inside. It says, "Wow, look at this delicious meal!". A great reveal! Love that Casserole Carrier idea! Brilliant!

Sew glad you could do some sewing. I've been doing some too...for my new baby grand-daughter. Love it!

Looking forward to seeing what you make next!
Jenni R. said…
Great job Janice! That is quite a project, and so fun--you'll get to enjoy it over and over anew each time you use it!

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