Busy Bag Toddler Swap

Hi, everyone! Today I'm blogging about this  Busy Bag Toddler Swap that I joined a few weeks ago.  What is a Busy Bag Toddler Swap you might ask?  Well, basically it is a group of mommies who get together and make "baggable" toddler activities to trade with other mommies with the end result being having a set of ready made/ ready to go activities for little ones (ages 2-4 for our group) to keep them busy during doctor's visits, car rides, airports/plane rides or really, anytime you need them busy so you can do something else.  Whoever thought up of this idea is a genius!  

SO, the group I joined had 23 mommas.  On the one hand, that was exciting because that meant that I would received 23 different toddler activities for my little ones.  On the other hand, I've since realized, that that is WAY too many activities to make!  ESPECIALLY, if the project you chose to make involves cutting, glueing, possibly sewing, felt and fabric.  Also, doubly hard if you volunteer to make two projects because you were so excited.  Mercy.

Well, I started off wanting to do a Felt Memory game using scraps of fabric (don't know what I was thinking since all my fabric is in Portugal!).  I asked a friend if I could go through her fabric stash but the timing wasn't right, so I ended up going to Joann's with the idea of buying a yard of fabric with a quilt pattern on it, therefore solving my problem of needing squares of multiple kinds of patterned fabric.  I lucked out and found exactly what I was looking for.  I would insert a pic of said fabric but cut it up before I had the thought to blog about it!  Oh, well.  Such a bad blogger I am.  ;)

Anyway, so remember there were 23 ladies in my group.  And I chose to do an activity with 12 felt squares and 12 fabric squares.  What. Was. I. Thinking.  Seriously, I cut out 276 felt squares and even more fabric squares.  

I had this silly idea of sewing these pieces together.

I get started without looking at my settings and it starts zigzagging on me, which is super cute but not time-saving conducive.  I decide to do half that way (so they can still play the game and not have too many clues  as to where the match is) and the other half with a regular straight stitch.

 Of course, that was taking WAY too long so I decided to go with puffy paint instead.

Still took a long time but definitely quicker than sewing each and every one of those 276 squares!

 SO, the other project I volunteered for was a Popsicle Stick Puzzle.  It was an "easier" project so I didn't think it would be too much to do.  I had hoped on getting three puzzles done per person but with so many people to get one made for that would have been crazy, being that each puzzle is eight popsicle sticks times 23!  Sooooooo, these mommas are just getting one!

I remembered Michael's having these one dollar perfectly, sized calendars.  12 pics for a dollar that would work perfectly for this project? Yes!

Here are a couple pics of the finish product.  

After taping the 8 sticks together on the back, I used Mod Podge to adhere the picture to the front of them.  After that, applied a coat of MP to the front of the picture, let it dry, took the tape off the back (used that to keep the sticks together during the picture gluing process) and then (with a kraft knife) cut  inbetween the popsicle sticks to create the puzzle.  Numbered them from 1 to 8 and voila!

SO, will I be doing this again any time soon? No.  Would I do it again, yes, but only for a group no bigger than 10.  :)

I'll post again with pics of the other activities I'll be getting today! 

Thanks for stopping by!


I've been making toddler busy bags one by one! I've considered organizing a group swap... but haven't amanaged it. But a group of 23- that's huge!

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