Busy Bag Toddler Swap: Activities Received!

Well, we swapped bags yesterday afternoon and now I have 22 on the go activities to pull out whenever I need to!  Sweet!  Many thanks go out to Tiffany Bonow for being crazy enough to organize this LARGE group swap!

Here are my activities and all their glory:

My box FULL of activities!

Playdough Mats

Mini Felt Board

Fruit Loop Sorting

Gel in a Bag

Button Felt Lacing

Pipe Cleaners in a Can

 Shape Matching

Magnetic Felt Fishing

Pool Noodle Lacing

I Spy Bottle

Birds and Worms

Cloud Matching

Pom Pom Sorting

Cheerio Stack Up

Rainbow Noodle Lacing

Felt Memory Game

Pom Pom Can

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Salt/Pepper Shaker "Spaghetti"

Sand Paper and Yarn


 I couldn't help but include a pic of my sweetie pie four year old doing the Cheerio Stack Up!

My little guy enjoyed playing with some of these this morning while my oldest and I did home school!  Woo hoo!

Thanks for stopping by!
Janice :)


Jenni R. said…
Yay! So fun how this worked out for you (and all the others)!
Anonymous said…
Do you want to join the next group too? haha tiff
Jennie said…
Love these Janice! What a great concept and thinking on how to incorporate some with Jeb. The picture of Judah with the Cheerios is precious!!
MaxineD said…
What a fantastic bag of activities, and they look as though are a hit with your boys already.

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