Hand Soap teacher gift

So, I've seen this done at one of my MOPS meetings when I was back in the states and I knew I wanted to make some as teacher gifts as soon as my boys were in school.  What teacher doesn't like hand soap, for herself of her classroom?  I know I would!

So, I decided to tackle that project just a day before I thought I was going to give them away.  (My planning loving self has not done so well here.   Lots going on inside and out so, I have embraced the last-minute pretty much everything!)  I bought some inexpensive hand soap at our local grocery store hoping that the labels would come off with ease.  Well, they did but the adhesive did not.  :(  I visited a couple of blogs that had tutorials on this project and one of the recommended using Goof Off to get the adhesive off.  Here is that blog and post, The Idea Room. Well, I didn't have time to go searching for this product so I used Bar Keepers Friend stainless steel cleaner instead. (Can I just put in a plug for this cleaner for a minute?  LOVE it!  Cleans just about any kind of stain from stainless steel pans plus rust, porcelain stains and GOBS of other things--my go to cleaner for so many things.) I thought that I might be running the risk of scratching the surface of the container but it was all I had and what am I if not a resourceful, last minute problem solver?  ;P

I got the adhesive off without scratching the surface BUT it did take the gloss sheen off the container.  Boo.  Luckily, I had some clear glaze (glossy mod podge would work, too) in my crafty stash and a thin coat of that brought the gloss right back.  :) 

Here are some photos of the finished projects:
Don't you love that Poinsettia?  One of Melanie Muenchinger's fantastic stamps sets from Gina K Designs, "Holiday Basket" has that little stamp.  It is just perfect and beautiful!  I colored it with Copic markers of course.  :)  I have to mention, too, that Melanie also has a "to die for" stamp set (really a series of sets) called "Stately Flowers1" that has stamps of all the states' flowers plus some fabulous sentiments to go along with them.  LOVE it and want it and the ones that follow!  :)

Pic of the full bottle.

Lovin' those tags?  Well, they were a free download from Jones Design Company.  I don't know how I stumbled across their blog but it is now one I subscribe to and love.  SO many cute and beautiful DIY ideas there!

It says, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

All three in all their glory!  :)

OK, now for the transparency deal.  I have to admit, third times a charm.  Ha!  You need to get printable transparencies and use a LASER printer.  Inkjets will not work as the ink will just slide off the transparency once inserted into the bottle (took mine over night to slide off).  That one blog suggested you can print the transparencies at your local copy store if you don't have a laser printer.  Of course, I do not have a laser printer and I was DETERMINED to make this project work for me.  And, remember, I am resourceful.  :)  I figured that if I print them using my inkjet let it set for a few minutes then coat it with my glaze that the glaze would act as a nice coating over the ink and it wouldn't slide off!  Yes!  

SO, yes, I used what I had with me (Aleene's Paper Glaze).  The first one worked perfectly!  Using a foam brush I brushed over a very fine coat of the glaze, let it dry completely and then inserted it into the bottle.  48 hours later, no drippy ink.  Now, the second and third bottles I applied a thicker coat. BAD idea.   The thicker coat, even though it was transparent-ish, was visible and looked tacky.  And, an even worse idea was to insert the "almost" dry transparency into the bottle.  It wasn't transparent.  It was opaque.  And it looked really tacky!

So, that is when the third time came into play.  I redid those last two, applying a thin coat of the Paper Glaze, let them dry completely and then inserted them in.  

SO, I'm hoping the glaze will hold. I think it will.  :)  

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn B. said…
What great tips, Janice. I wish I'd known about this when my kids were in school. But then, they didn't even have liquid hand soap back then! Hah!
So glad to hear that your shipped boxes arrived. PTL! I pray your Christmas is absolutely wonderful! Happy Birthday, Jesus!
StampnInkLady said…
Janice, I love your liquid soap design...really great gift. I also wanted to tell you that I too just am so in love with Bar Keepers friend...don't know what I would do without it. It cleans and shines my copper pots and all other pots. For your bottles the best thing to use, that works on everything is "Goo be gone". You can buy almost anywhere and has an oil base, so it will not mess up the area you us it on. You will need to wash the surface after removal of sticker or will have that oil still there though. Thanks for sharing your great project and Merry Christmas!
webindia said…
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Anonymous said…
I like your Gina K Design card...so pretty. Anna Jernigan
Anonymous said…
Janice, loved your Gina K Designs card. Loved your vintage card for the challenge. Very pretty.
Anna Jernigan

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