Personal Blog

Hi, everyone!  I'm happy to say that I've created my own personal blog.  This blog will be strictly used for posting my crafty creations (edible and non-edible alike) and all my crazy life and ministry stuff will be posted in my personal blog.  Feel free to check it out:

So, if you want to read about all my crafty creations, keep following me here on this blog.  If you want updates on my pregnancy, my journey of moving overseas, ministry, etc go to Seasons Change,

Love having all of you stop by and I look forward to sharing all the sorts of fun craftiness that awaits me in the future (to be sure, once we get to Portugal, there will be many crafty home decorating posts I'll just have to do! Well, and then there will be all the baby crafty projects I will get to do once I find out the gender!!)

Alright, stayed tuned for more crafty fun!


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