Jungle Fever

Today we had the privileged of celebrating the cutest three year old I know!  My sweet Judah turns three on Monday and today we threw him a super fun pool party! Look at this picture of him.  He is one of the silliest yet sweetest, most "huggable-est" kids I know!  

So, we threw him a party and of course, as I am known around these parts as the cake lady, the pressure was on to see what I would do.  Well, unfortunately this 9 weeks pregnant cake lady has not been feeling all that hot lately, so I needed to go with EASY.  Too me, pool party was EASY.  Just have some food, let the people come and swim!  No need for games, activities, etc.  Just come, swim, chat, enjoy.  Easy.  Well, when I think of easy of cakes, I usually just go looking around at magazines or online for ideas on what to make as I can make things really complicated when I get going on my own.  Just ask my husband.  ;)

So, I have this fun book that shows you have to make cupcakes super fun and easy, with little to no HARD about it.  Here is the book, I'm sure some of you have seen it at Michael's or Walmart or anywhere really, as I've seen it at a bunch of stores:

I was flipping through the pages and decided to go with this one as Judah loves flamingoes (always HAS to see them when we go to the zoo) and alligators (the hippos just came along for the ride):

So, very doable and cute.  :) And, yes, those nutterbutter creatures are supposed to be Hippos.  I at first thought, camels but it just didn't fit the theme "Jungle Fever"! Ha!  The Fruit Loop nostrils help a bit with the hippo factor but, eh, aren't hippos grayish-pinkish?  Or purple-ish?  Well, they were yummy anyway!

Here is my finished product which I set up super quick, took a few shots then put back in the fridge (topmost layer) as my candy melt flamingos were heat sensitive.  I've worked with candy melts before and they are awesome--you can do lots and lots with them BUT their one major flaw can be found in their name Candy MELTS.  They melt, rather quickly in the Texas heat. SO, to the fridge the went until cake time and then we all had fun watching their wings slowly droop and a few of their heads drop off.  Lol!

This next one had better lighting but the flamingo heads were cropped a bit:
I loved how some of the Fruit Loops on the alligators' eyes were different shapes so that some of them look like they were winking at you!

And a close up of the adorable flamingos, you can see one of the wings was starting to wilt in the heat after just a minute or two of being out:

You will just have to check out the book on all the how to's of these cupcakes but they were really super easy to make!  Just plan to have lots of time on your hands or you will be up into the wee hours of the night.  ;)

Now onto the FAVORS!  My fellow paper crafting followers will appreciate this part of my post!  I always get excited when it comes to making favors for parties because there are just SO many possibilities out there. Again, I was thinking was would be EASY and I thought back to this amazing display I saw at CHA done by DCWV that was party themed.  They made the CUTEST party everything but specifically, the favors were adorable.  Here was my inspiration:

Those party favor cones were so cute yet SO simple!  Here is what I came up with using a paper line by The Paper Studio called "A Boys Universe".  You can click on the photo for a more upclose shot!
I had fun using Spellbinder's Sprightly Sprockets nestabilities (love these!) to create the thank you panel and Gina K Design's "Framed Greetings" stamp set for the Thank You sentiment.  Also, one of my favorite things about these cuties is the fun orange and white striped ribbon I used to hang them with.  You can't see it all that well in this pic but you can see a bit of it.

Well, all in all I kept things simple but was super pleased with what was accomplished at this party!  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Janice :)


MaxineD said…
What a lot of fun projects - I hope you were well enough to enjoy the fun as well!
Patty Sue 2 said…
What a cute little guy and your projects are fantastic!
Alina said…
Haha. The best part about this post (other than your little cutie!), was that you called those cupcakes, "easy." I almost died. "Easy" to me = ordered at HEB or something. "Easy" in your book = absolutely fantastic and effortless looking! Great job!
Oh my gosh....what a lot of work...but OH SO stinkin' cute!!! So is your little guy!!!
stampqueen said…
Love the cupcakes - so adorable!!!!
And congradulations!!!! - I hadn't heard you were expecting - sending you lots and lots of Blessings!!!!

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