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Ok, letting you in on one of my loves--vintage anything!  Whites, creams, browns and greens---love!  Recently a friend of mine to me to one of the coolest vintage stores I've ever been to--in Waco, TX even!  Store name: Bloom & Bee Swanky  What is it?  Heaven---ah, I mean a home furnishings vintage boutique.  You can find just about anything fun and vintage to decorate your home with.  So, the sweet ladies let me take a few pictures and even said I could share them on my blog. So, here are a few (quite a few!) pictures of things I loved!  

LOVE this arrangement.  I'm loving all things with branches in it so no wonder i fell in love with this piece.

This won't be the first white thing you will see pictured here.  I'm telling ya, white (and all its vintage shades) is my new favorite color.  I just thought this hutch (?) was lovely.

I just thought these little hands were cute.  A little odd but cute. ;)

The trays.  AND the gorgeous burlap pillow that you can't really appreciate in this picture.  I love burlap by the way.

That thing in the background with all the handles--LOVE!!!  Can you imagine all the fun crafty things I could store in there?!

Of course, I really love how the display their vintage wears at B&BS but what I really loved from this display was the way they casually draped the burlap on the table.  Again, loving burlap (in many forms).

Love their creative way of displaying all those handkerchiefs.

They most have gotten the memo on how HOT silhouettes are right now!

White and lace?  YES!

It's a tree, with bling--LOVE.

A couple of things here: notice the fabulous, distressed door headboard--love!  Also, white and ruffles--love!

Burlap again.  This time they had added a trip to some burlap and gave it a classy look as a tablecloth.

Ok, so I might not LOVE this but its made entirely of wood, and I'm loving all things wood (branches, trees, tree stumps, etc) lately.  :)

Just love the "suit case as a table" thing.

Burlap bags.  Green.  Yes.

White/cream, distress metal and a little bit of green--love.

I want this table.

Another view.

They had GORGEOUS chandeliers.  Don't know if I'd ever use one...well, actually, I think I totally would!  Who am I kidding?!  :)

Another one.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by!  If you are ever in Waco and love vintage wares, you NEED to stop by this store!!!  Here is a link one more time: Bloom & Bee Swanky.

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MaxineD said…
What a wonderful day you must have had :-)
Jennie said…
What a fun how often did you say...WOW, LOVE this?? :o)
Thanks for the virtual shopping experience, what a fabulous store!

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