Adventures in Sewing Vinyl Update! :)

Well, HI, everyone!  I had the pleasure of having my mom come and visit for a day and guess what we tackled? The other vinyl cover of course!  Smile
So, my original cover ended up needing some reinforcement after it was well tested by my two lovely boys.  As I had thought, the middle seam was just not strong enough to support all the pressure being applied to it and it ripped.  I thought some good clear duct tape would do the trick but alas, only a re-sew would do.
For the second chair, we came up with a design that does not have a seam in the middle, only on the sides, so we are fairly certain that their will be no tearing.
I wish I had taken in process photos but I didn’t so the Grand Finale pics will have to do.  Winking smile 
Alright, I present to you, the final look to my friend Genny’s gorgeous chairs:
The new chair as you can see, has a few creases in the vinyl as it was folded and put
put away until I was able to get to it.  I’m hoping they will eventually fade. 
Ok, get ready!!! Here is a little peek a the new bow!!!!!

TADA!!!  My mom and I went to Joann’s this morning and we found this PERFECT satiny yet held its shape well fabric.  OH, don’t you just LOVE these bows?
A close up.  Love, love, love.  I hope Genny loves them, too!  Winking smile
Well, I just had to share!  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Janice  Smile


MaxineD said…
Wow this is stunning!! Love those bows :-)
Jenni R. said…
You guys are an amazing duo! Great work! They are beautiful!
clu60 said…
Love your card. Anything with butterflies catch my eye!

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