Back from CHA--stories, things heard, final pics

Wow!  What an inspiring past few days I've had!  CHA was just amazing and so very fun!  I was overwhelmed just by the huge size of it!  One huge hall and another very large hall on the bottom floor packed with the latest and hottest products out there in the crafting world--just so cool!

Here are a few more pics from the show:

Glitz Designs

Jenni Bowlin


Love this!

Cute birds decorated with Faber Castell products

Paper Crafts magazine editor Jennifer Schaerer and I!

Susan Opel!!! 

Cath from Moxie Fab World Blog!

Our Layers of Color houses at the Tsukineko booth!!

Diana's house!

My house!

Laura's house!

Linda's house!

Jennie and Melisa's houses

Another view.


Beautifully made paper flowers.

Adorn It

Love these birds!

Beautiful banner from Want2Scrap 

Look!  Bling made for spellbinders dies!!

Echo Park

Burlap Shapes

Love this bottle cap necklace!

Big, chunky buttons are hot!

Awesome yarn displays!

Aren't these so cool?

Just had to take a picture of Diane Kovacs ring because it looks like bottle caps--super trendy now!

 Sewing forms are hot!

Loved these from Melissa Frances

You see all sorts of things at CHA!

LOVE!   Fancy Pants

Made using Thermo Webbing

My house and I!

A super fun apron

Tim Holtz!  Jennie Harper and Deb Felts watching on.  :)

Loved this canvas piece in the Ranger Booth

Burlap Creations


Got a picture with Time Holtz!  Nice!

Michelle Woerner and I

Jennie showcasing her fab enchilada stack dinner at Yard House restaurant.

Gina K girls!

Yes, this would be the super fun Michelle Woerner next to her very large sandwhich!!!  (She gave me permission to blog this!  LOL!)  SO fun!

Alright, if you scrolled down through all of this you are a trooper and are now filled with much inspiration!  

I leave you with a few stories and words that marked my CHA experience:

VIP shrimp
My fun lovely, southern friend Jennie Harper and I were headed up in the elevator one day when it stopped at a service floor and a waitress carrying a tray of delicious looking shrimp stepped in.  She asked us if we wanted one and just as we were saying, "Sure!", she said, "You're going up right?"  Our faces fell and we retrieved our stretched out arms just before we could lay our hands on those delectable-looking shrimp saying, "Noooooooooo."  The waitress just smiled as she stepped back from us and exited the elevator the next floor up.  As the elevator door opened we could hear dance music blaring--we quickly realized this VIP shrimp was not for us!  LOL!

You know you're at CHA when:
-You leave with more giveaway bags then you know what to do with
-You are wearing multiple dog tag type necklaces that make you jingle all the way
-You are also wearing quite a collection of brightly colored paper and fabric flowers
-People look at your name badge first, then you

Words/Phrases heard
"Flocking Pastor" (that would be yours truly)--Nina Brackett
"Milkdrops"--Nina Brackett (can't believe I just wrote that!!!!LOL!)
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch." --Jennie Harper
"When two vowels go a'walkin', the first one does the talking"--Yours truly

I know there were quite a few others so if you ladies remember them, let me know and I'll update my list!  :)

That's all for now folks!  Stay tuned for my regularly scheduled crafts starting back up soon!

Blessings, Janice


Janice these pictures are amazing, it is great to see everyone's was a pleasure meeting you!

Have a super week!

enjoy *~*
MaxineD said…
You must have had a ball!!!
Thnks so very much for sharing this, Janice! You and Jennie are two very lucky ladies! Sounds like it was a blast, and love the peeks at all the new goodies.
Jennie said…
Great post Janice!!! It was so much fun hanging out with are just delightful and so much fun! Funny stories and things that happened...great memories!
Super fun pics! Thanks for sharing, Janice, like being there, well almost!
Tina Gilliland said…
LOL love the pictures and your "quotes" were funny as heck! Great coverage on CHA! Just like being there!
oh how fun!
thanks so much for sharing!! love seeing it through your eyes (-:
stampqueen said…
Looks like candy store overload to me!!! Love it!!
BabyBokChoy said…
I REALLY REALLY REALLY Enjoyed reading this Janice, REALLY enjoyed it!!! CHA was too short, would have loved to hang out with you longer, you are my kind of gal!! xoxo!
Terre said…
Janice, Hi Terre here from Spellbinders, thank you for the sweet comment about the LOVE banner in the Want2Scrap booth...I made that...thank you.
miatagal said…
Janice, You cake decorating with the stamps is wonderful; as is the rest of your post!


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