Made it to LA!!!

Hey, everyone!  I made it to Los Angeles!!! WOO HOO!  I'm excited to be here but SUPER exhausted from having to get up at 3am in order to make my 5:50am flight!  I have NO idea why they even have flights at that crazy time in the morning.  So, I will shortly be taking a little nap!

The show starts tomorrow and I will be scoping out all the hottest products in the paper crafting industry along with meetings some super fab designers and paper crafters!  Nice!  So, stayed tuned for lots of pics and updates on the show!

I leave you with some pics of my intro to California (they're not all that outstanding, just wanted to let y'all see it all!:

Leaving the airport

Palm trees and mountains? Huh? 

Snowcapped mountains?  When I think of California mountains aren't the first thing that come to mind!  Beautiful though!

Downtown LA

Stay tuned for pics from the show!!!

Janice :)


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