Oaks of Righteousness Cake

Hi, everyone!  This post is going to be on the Edible art side of my craftiness.  My good friend Tiffany asked me to make a cake for her "Gender Reveal Party" that she and her husband Matt where throwing to reveal the sex of her fifth child.  They have four precious boys and wanted to do something fun for their fifth child.  She wanted a fun cake with either pink or blue icing in the center but nothing to show the sex on the outside--that would be a surprise until the cake was cut.  Of course, she didn't find out the sex of the baby until today, so I've been busy busy these past few days creating trees, acorns and leaves, and today the work really began as I found out the gender and had to get the cake ready to go by before the party at 8. :)

The last part of Isaiah 61:3 says this, " They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor."  

This is a verse that they have cherished and pray over their four boys, and in talking with them I came up with the idea to make an "Oaks of Righteousness" cake for the reveal!  I thought, "Well, if it is another boy then this would just be PERFECT. And if it was a girl, well, there are girl oak trees, too, so we can't go wrong!"  Tiff and Matt loved the idea and I ran with it!  :)

Here is a close up of one of the Oaks.  The tree trunks where made out of Chocolate fondant that I shaped into tree form then drew the design on.  The tops where also made out of fondant, then added tip 352 leaves in buttercream.   

 Here is the cake "mostly" finished. The finished cake had the name of their four boys, one on each tree on the bottom cake, and a question mark on the top tree.  

Fun angle shot.  Do you see the design on the cake itself?  That was made by using none other than my "Forest Branches" Cuttlebug Embossing folder!  Seriously!  Who said a paper crafting tool couldn't be used for cake decorating? ;)  The acorns and leaves were also made out of fondant. (Forgive the twine around the trees, I had already tied it up in prep for transport when I thought to take the pics!  I didn't want to risk taking it off, putting it back on again and possibly messing up the leaves so I just left it alone in hopes that Tiff got some good pics sans twine at the party!)

Thanks so much for looking! 

PS. The icing inside the cake: PINK!  ;)


Jennie said…
Janice this is utterly amazing... What a cool design and you are so very talented. How fun that the CB embossing folder can be used for more than just papercrafting, lol!

Can I just say I don't even know this couple...but thrilled that they are having a girl :o) What a treasured verse for them to claim as they train these children for Him!
MaxineD said…
Janice this is amazing!! My daughter and I were both very impressed with it - and as Jennie said, we don't know this couple but were pleased for them expecting the blessing of a baby girl!!
Lagene said…
WOW!!! You are so talented! This is such a special cake...Your trees are fantastic!
Grace said…
Janice this is totally amazing and THEN some!!! I used to decorate cakes but NOTHING like this!!! What a wonderful verse for this family to use and I am so happy the icing is pink!!! I'm sure they are thrilled and will never ever forget all you put into this cake! So cool that you used a CB folder for the pattern on the sides!!! Wow!!! When I pick my jaw up off the floor I might have more to say!!! God has certainly blessed you with incredible talent in multiple ways my friend!!!
Wwwoooaaahhh! Incredible, Janice!! Where did you learn and study these skills? Probably in your own kitchen LOL! ...God has blessed you with many talents, my friend!!I'm sure it's as delicious as it looks.

And congratulations to the family who finally have a girl after (what 4?) boys. She'll be the icing on the cake!
Melisa Waldorf said…
WOW!!! This is spectacular Janice. If it is ok with you, I will show one of your photo's this week with my fall projects and then link to your blog for the details. More people should see and read this post!

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