Faith Art Friday over at Layers of Color

Hi, everyone!  I'm hosting "Faith Art Friday" over at the Layers of Color blog.  I wrote a bit about being led by the Spirit.  Here is the card that goes along with it.  I prayed and just let the Spirit lead me as I created.  It is interesting that He lead me to make a simple (yet detailed) and peaceful card.  :)
And a detail pic:

Go on over and get encouraged!  Blessings!  
Janice ;)


Your Faith Art Friday post and beautiful card are inspiring, Janice! Thank you for glorifying God with your heart and through your art!
Lovely Linda said…
Hello janice - sorry it has taken me so long to get over there - I have read your faith Art Post at Layers of Color and it is so encouraging! Your words reflect your love for HIM and your art blesses us so much! Thanks for for being such a 'shining light' Janice! You are in my prayers and I pray that doors open wide for you as god leads you and your family! God bless you my friend! {{{hugs}}}
Irena said…
Adorable card.
The stamp is so beautiful.

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