SSCC #19 -Vintage New year

Well, here is my attempt at a vintage type card. It was going so well until I stamped the sentiment. It at one point said, "Let's Celebrate" at the top right, but it didn't look right so I tried to cover it up with a squarish piece of paper (which I was able to kinda sorta pull off but you can still tell it was a cover up). Then, I tried to free hand "Happy New Year" and that looked horrible so I thought I would try to write over it in a white pen in hopes of the brown and white mixing well so that you can't see it. That really didn't work. Finally, I wrote happy new year again and said, just let it go! It had the hopes of looking really nice, now it just looks sloppy. Oh, well! I will keep trying! I WILL have professional looking cards one day, I will! :)
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Davi said…
Very pretty card. Darling image and beautiful dps and lace!
theneon said…
Don't see yourself short -- this is a lovely card and without a little something you are not happy with on a card -- how could it be portrayed as made with love by hand?
Anonymous said…
I have to laugh because we all make mistakes but we don't tell. I honestly would not have noticed. Your card is beautiful and looks very vintage.

Thanks for sharing with us at SSCC this week.

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