More cards and Keeiping the Word before us

Did you use to love coloring when you were a kid? I think I colored even through college! I actually still have my old coloring books(in a trunk somewhere)! My favorite things to color where precious moments. I think I loved them so much because they were so detailed in design. I loved coloring them in lots of vivid colors. One day (who knows when) I'll fish them out and post some pics. BUT anyway, my point in bringing that up so that I get to color again! I discovered Copic markers and I am loving coloring again! I colored the leaves for my thanksgiving cards with them and just love how I can blend the markers to create such a rich image. Fun, Fun!

Keeping the Word before me.

I have been meaning to cut some verses with my digital cutter and post them in our bedroom and bathroom and I finally got around to cutting one out last night. Here are some pics of the verse up on the wall. I can't wait to do some more!

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I love, love, love this!!! The scripture looks great!!!!

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