Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

I made these super fun cupcakes this past weekend for a friend's son's birthday party! I had the most fun making them; especially since it has been 5 months since I made my last cake--I miss it!!! All of my cake supplies (except for my tips) are boxed up so I had to borrow a friend's mixer. Luckily, it was just cupcakes so I didn't have to worry about a pan!
I got the idea of the cute animals from the scrapbooking paper set called Actopus to Zelephant by K&Co. Aren't they fun?!
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Kourtney said…
Janice! These cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Was this from when you borrowed our mixer? I hope so, because I would be so glad our mixer could have the joy of being a part of their creation. Now it can feel like it has some purpose in life. :)

Anyway, you're my hero! i love the zebra cupcake
JaniceAileen said…
Hahahaha! Yes, Kourtney, these where made using your mixer! Thanks so much! :)
Jenn Ski said…
That is so awesome! You made my day!
Jenn Ski said…
That is so awesome! You made my day!
Stephanie said…
Jenn Ski sent out an email with a link to your cool cupcakes. You put a lot of work into them, very cool!

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