4 weeks 2 days

It is 9:16pm. I fed Judah at 8:25pm and after a bit of holding him and rocking him we put him down to sleep. As I type he is making signs of waking...arrrrrrrrrrg! Just checked actually and yup, awake. What the heck!!! Asleep in our arms but the minute we put him down he wakes up again!!!!!!!!!! Very frustrating. Luke and I are debating whether or not to start the cry-it-out technique, where we let them cry for five minutes then calm them down and put them back to sleep in the crib. If the start to cry again we let it go for ten minutes before we pick em up again. The fifteen and twenty and so on. With Elijah it never had to go past fifteen minutes before he fell asleep, thank God! I pray that it would be the same with this little one!

We are still fighting falling asleep at the breast, too. The is super frustrating because I am basicall stuck there for who knows how long not sure if he has fed enough because he's fallen asleep so much! Sure doesn't make me want to breastfeed for long. I am hoping I can last for six months! I know last time I had the same feelings too. I was hoping I would feel differently this time around but it is hard to be stuck doing something and not able to be there for Elijah during that time. Lord, help me figure it all out.


leah said…
Sorry you're having troubles. Our boys were not sleepers and the cry-it-out method didn't work, either. As far as falling asleep on the breast, I always took them off when they fell asleep. No worries! They'll get enough! I breast-fed both of our boys each for a year... I'm sure you're doing a great job!

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