The fair in Texas and a fun bird!

Well, my DH and I went on a date to the fair last night and had a great time! We only rode one ride and went through a fun house but mainly spent time walking around, sat and heard some karaoke (some good some BAD!), and even watched a really funny hypnotist show (not sure what I think about all that). It was fun getting out just the two of us--felt like we were "dating" again. Here's a picture of us at one of the fun house mirrors-I've always wanted slim, long legs!!!;):

And can there be a Texas fair without FUNNEL CAKE?!

This is a picture of a cool bird we saw when we went to the zoo this past wednesday. I just thought its feathers were really soft and delicate looking.


monicajo said…
Sounds like the fair was so much fun...and ummm funnel cake...YUMMMY!! Its great that you and your DH have date nite. Glad you had a great time.
maryjo said…
looks like fun! i need one of those fun mirrors in my house too (lol) considering i'm only 5'1" it's the only way i'll EVER see long legs. LUV the wedding cake- great job. keep the posts coming...maryjo

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